Google is becoming the go-to destination for anyone with a health worry, slowly replacing hospitals and clinics. With Vietnam suffering from a severe shortage of doctors, it's all the more common practice to pick up the phone and look for answers. But on Google, not everything is as it seems. A search for the symptoms of a light cough can return a result of cancer. A small rash becomes Malaria. Google doesn’t just exaggerate your illnesses but also feeds your anxiety and makes any health situation even more dramatic.


This insight led to a thumb-stopping creative idea - Turn off the drama. Parodying scenes from Korean TV drama - a very popular entertainment genre in Vietnam - we grabbed attention with scenes that showed over-exaggerated reactions to simple symptoms. A smartphone quickly interrupted the situation and urged people to ‘turn off the drama’ with VieVie.


1. In just two months, the videos received over 2 million impressions on YouTube.
2. Our campaign reached over 354,000 people on Facebook, with 30,000 people engaging with it.
3. Over 25,000 new app downloads and 5,751 new doctor enquiries.
4. Top trending app on the Google Play store.