Cultural Insight

Vietnam is home to a unique cultural phenomenon. Every household has someone who works away from home to support the family and takes pride in carrying all the responsibilities. This is a moral duty that is often passed down from generation to generation. Through this, we unearthed an insight that the people of Vietnam could instantly relate to – Family Heroes.


Backed by this insight, we launched M-150 to our target audience - factory workers. Unlike other energy drinks in the market that encourage selfish progression, M-150 champions those who proudly carry the futures and wellbeing of their families. These are the ‘Family Heroes’ of Vietnam, who support the whole family.


We created a 30-second spot that parodied popular superhero trailers. Our film featured Vietnam’s footballing hero and Captain, Quế Ngọc who with his humble upbringing is a true family hero himself.
Our film shows the ‘Family Hero’ character proudly carrying the whole family including his parents, grandparents, children and wife on his shoulders as he goes through his everyday routine from work to home. We even created a jingle by mixing superhero tunes with local melodies, and listed every responsibility and duty of a true Vietnamese family hero.